1 My profession is different from the professions (Nurses, Pharmacists, Doctors, Physiotherapist and Dentist) which you have mentioned here.

As you might be aware that listening and reading sub-tests are same for all the professions, you can use our material to practice listening and reading sub-tests. Unfortunately, we don’t have speaking and writing for other professions apart from Nurses, Pharmacists, Doctors, Physiotherapist and Dentist.

2 Will you book my OET exam and assist me in taking my exam?

No. We just provide practice material for your OET preparation.

3 Does your material have official endorsement with OET testing organisation?

Our material is prepared by experts teacher and we do not have any endorsement with official OET testing organisation. We do not have any kind of relations with them.

4 What does your material contains?

The Maiva Material contains practice tests of Listening, Reading, Writing, and Speaking, and also provides 'Answer Key' to Reading and Listening Tests and sample answers for Writing, and Speaking to assist you in passing your Occupational English Test (OET).

5 How many sets of material do you provide?

We provide 5 Set, 10 Set and 15 sets of Materials to help prepare your OET exam. 5 sets will cost AUD 40, 10 set materials will cost AUD 60 and 15 sets material will cost AUD 75.

6 How many practice tests of each module will be there in 5 sets material?

It has got 5 practice tests of Listening, 5 practice tests of Reading, 5 practice tests of Writing, 5 practice tests of Speaking. Likewise 10 sets material contains each 10 practice tests of all the four modules and 15 sets material contains each 15 practice tests of all the four modules.

7 Is it prepared according to the professions?

Yes, writing and speaking tests are prepared according to the professions. We have separate material for Nurses, Pharmacists, Doctors, Physiotherapists and Dentists.

8 How to purchase the Material?

Please, click on the selected product of your choice and proceed to 'Buy Now' button. There you can give your details and submit. It takes you to the payment page and you can pay it online.

9 What kind of 'Payment' do you accept? What is the mode of Payment?

We accept payment through Debit / Credit Cards (both Visa and Master).

10 I don't have a Credit / Debit Card; do you accept any other mode of payment?

Unfortunately, we don't accept any other payment method at this time.

11 How do you send the material after I make the payment online?

After successful payment, you will receive an email with a user-id and password. Using these login details, you can log into our website and download the material. We won’t send the material by postal mail.

12 What type of format is your downloadable material will be?

You will get Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking Tests in Portable Document Format (PDF). Listening Audios are in FLV format which will be playable in Windows Player.

13 Can I get printed material?

No. We only provide electronic copy of the material through online download

14 Is your material unique?

Yes, our material is unique, prepared by our experienced teachers. It is not as same as other OET samples present on website: http://www.occupationalenglishtest.org/

15 If I get some doubts while using your material, will you help me?

Sorry, we don't provide any tutor assistance. But if you have any issues while downloading, we do provide support.

16 What if I get any problem while downloading or if I can't open them?

Please email us at contact@oetmaterial.com.au and we shall resolve the problem within 2 working days

17 Can I use iPad to download or open these materials?

No, we are under the development of the process now. It takes sometime to implement it.

18 What if I am not able to download the material on the same day of purchase?

Your login details will be valid for 7 days. You will have to download the material within these 7 days and if you do not then your ID and Password will expire.

Oetmaterial.com.au, Maiva Corporation Pty Ltd and our practice material is not connected with, affiliated with or endorsed by Cambridge Boxhill Language Assessment, Cambridge English Language Assessment or Box Hill Institute. Our practice material has been prepared by our expert teachers to assist candidates in preparing for the OET exam